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There is no criminal defense case that is out of our league here at Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP. Our Bronxville criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to upholding the all-important notion that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and deserves a fair trial. No matter what accusations are being cited in your arrest record, you will find nothing but compassion, professionalism, and motivation when you talk to our defense attorneys in Bronxville.

The people of New York have come to rely on our team because:

  • We have more than 65 years of combined experience.
  • We have been featured on national news stations, such as NBC and CNN.
  • Attorney Riebling has been selected to Super Lawyers®.
  • We have won Avvo Clients’ Choice Awards for criminal defense.
  • We have authored several books on criminal & DUI defense that made the National Bestseller's List!

We could go on about our accomplishments and accolades, but we would like to start talking about you instead. Call us at 914.840.5104 today and schedule your FREE initial consultation to tell our team about your case and legal troubles.

Tenacious Defense, Both In Court & Out

Our Bronxville criminal defense attorneys work together as one powerful team on each case we take. Before you are ever scheduled to appear in court, we get to work on how you can be defended, studying your case from all angles to determine if an early dismissal is possible. In some situations where a conviction is nearly certain due to overwhelming physical evidence, we will want to discuss the option of a plea bargain with you. In others, we know you have a fighting chance in court and start to prep your case for trial right away.

Some of the high stakes criminal defense cases we have handled in the past include:

Providing Smart Traffic Citation Defense in Bronxville

Other than criminal defense cases, a large portion of our legal practice here in Bronxville is focused on traffic violation defense. Anyone, even the best of drivers, can make a mistake behind the wheel and get pulled over by a highway patrol officer. To protect your insurance premiums from going up and keep your driving record clean, we consider numerous strategies to eliminate your citation, including offering up alternative solutions that would spare you from being labeled as a criminal. Our end goal for traffic citation cases is helping you keep your license and your finances intact.

Begin Your Case Today with a Complimentary Consultation

If you delay your defense and hesitate seeking professional assistance and advocacy, you will be handing a distinct advantage to the prosecution. If you react quickly and start considering your legal options today, you will be gaining ground on them instead. The choice is clear, now all you have to do is act upon it. Contact our Bronxville criminal defense attorneys today at Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP.

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