Child Support Enforcement Lawyers in Westchester County

Enforcement of Orders and Agreements

Both parties in a divorce or in a family court case must adhere to the terms of a court order or the provisions of your settlement agreement. In most instances, payment or receipt of child support enforcement becomes a point of contention between the parties. When it becomes necessary to compel the other party to follow the court order or settlement agreement, you should have lawyers who are accomplished and have the necessary experience to protect your rights.

The child support enforcement lawyers at our firm are ready to use a number of different methods to enforce your rights including:

  • Motions for contempt
  • Willfulness petitions
  • Wage garnishments
  • Locating and freezing assets

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As part of our commitment to providing excellent legal representation to all of our clients, whether they are a new client, existing client or returning client, our Westchester County child support lawyers provide FREE INITIAL LEGAL CONSULTATIONS.

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