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How is New York Child Support Calculated?

Child Support in New York State is calculated using a number of factors recognized under the New York State Child Support Guidelines. It is NOT just a percentage of a person's income. This widely held belief often results in the calculation of an improper amount of child support. In order to make sure that you are receiving or paying the proper amount for child support, you should contact one of our Westchester County child support attorneys, who can help you explain how the Law will be applied to your specific case.

As the expression goes, "No two people are alike" and every person's situation when it comes to New York child support should be reviewed and tailored to their specific circumstances. Let our White Plains child support attorneys use their knowledge and experience to guide you during this process.

Every client of Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP who is involved with a child support case, whether in Family Court or in a Divorce case, will understand:

  • How the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) will affect them;
  • How their income will be calculated in accordance with the CSSA;
  • What affect "low incomes" will have on child support awards;
  • What deductions will be allowed to adjust their income;
  • What basic child support is and how it is calculated;
  • The affect Temporary Child Support Orders will have and the calculation of child support arrears (amounts owed);
  • How "add-ons" such as medical insurance, education costs and child care will be applied and considered by the parties and the Court;
  • What people need to do and know in order to properly settle a child support case for an amount different than what the Law requires;
  • What factors a Court or Support Magistrate may consider in determining a child support amount which is different than what the Law requires; and
  • What can be done to change or modify an existing child support order?

We offer a Free Initial Legal Consultation for all Child Support Matters

As part of our commitment to providing excellent legal representation to all of our clients, whether they are a new client, existing client or returning client, our Westchester County child support lawyers provide FREE INITIAL LEGAL CONSULTATIONS.

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