Fight a Drug Crime Charge in Westchester County

Although in recent years, there have been significant changes to the drug, controlled substance and narcotics laws of New York, those changes have not lessened in seriousness. There is substantial importance in having an experienced and dedicated Westchester County criminal defense lawyer.

In fact, the recent changes to the New York drug laws, commonly referred to as the "Rockefeller" laws, require mandatory minimum prison sentences. Many have serious maximum penalties which include long jail sentences and even in some cases lifetime imprisonment. The harshness of the laws, even for first-time offenders and for those cases involving small amounts of drugs or narcotics, requires that you have criminal defense attorneys who are knowledgeable and prepared to vigorously defend your rights.

Depending on the charges and the various circumstances, our Westchester County drug crime attorneys will be able to help you by fighting for alternative sentencing or other more manageable outcomes. We also offer free case evaluations to help those who have been arrested and looking for knowledgeable legal counsel.

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Experienced Defense against All Types of Drug Crimes

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the lawyers of Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP, will work hard to provide you with a vigorous defense designed to protect your rights and tailored to your specific circumstances. The wealth of experience allows our Westchester County criminal attorneys to provide you with effective, resourceful representation in the state and federal courts.

We have successfully represented clients charged with a wide range of drug crimes, including:

  • Marijuana sale, possession and related offenses
  • Cocaine possession or sale, including Crack Cocaine offenses
  • Methamphetamine or "Meth" possession, distribution, trafficking or manufacture
  • Heroin possession or sale
  • Ecstasy possession or sale
  • Prescription drug crimes, including OxyContin, Vicodin and Codeine
  • Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Relentless Criminal Defense with Proven Results

Federal and State Drug laws have also have more recently been used to prosecute individuals for the sale and possession of ecstasy, OxyContin, codeine and Vicodin. Even those possessing or selling drugs such as steroids and human growth hormone have been charges with very serious crimes.

Our drug crimes defense attorneys know that a conviction for any drug or narcotics offense can be crippling both professionally and personally. Beyond the threat of jail or imprisonment, New York law requires the revocation of a person's driver's license. There can also be very serious and substantial consequences on an individual's immigration status, even for legal immigrants.

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If you have been charged, arrested or questioned about any drug, controlled substance or narcotic related offenses we are here to protect your rights and your driver's license. Contact us online or by telephone (914) 840-5104 to speak with an experienced drug and narcotics criminal defense lawyer.

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