Probation & Parole Violations in New York

It is crucial that any probation or parole violations are handled quickly and properly, otherwise there can be harsh consequences. Whether the violation issued by the probation or parole officer is substantive or technical, it is possible that you can be exposed to jail time that can be months or years in length.

If a court determines that you have violated the terms of your probation or parole, the judge may incarcerate you for:

  • The maximum sentence for your original criminal offense, without giving you any credit for the time that you spent on probation
  • A return to state prison for the remainder of your parole period.

The criminal defense lawyers at Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP, have successfully defended numerous clients facing probation and parole violations. Under the law, you are entitled to a hearing and, if necessary, an appeal to contest the allegations of the probation or parole violation. Having the experience and skill of a dedicated criminal defense attorney to assist you at the very beginning of the case often times can make the difference in protecting your rights and freedom.

Charged with a Probation or Parole Violation?

Failing to complete mandatory education programs, complying with drug or alcohol counseling, or not attending anger management programs, can result in the filing of a probation violation by your probation officer. Additionally, if you fail to pay court ordered fines or restitution as required, you may be faced with a probation violation. Since courts view these types of violation seriously, it is important that your Westchester County criminal defense lawyer be involved with your case from the start in order to help you avoid further penalties and jail time.

Often, the probation violation is related to a new arrest for a different offense while on probation. This situation presents a different situation as it is important to aggressively defend the new offense. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to seek a dismissal or acquittal of the new charges in order to avoid the severe penalties that can result from a probation or parole violation that can result from the new arrest. In such a unique circumstance, it is vital that your case receive a comprehensive review and evaluation of all the facts and circumstances. Our criminal defense attorneys, with their decades of combined experience, will provide that review and advise you as to how we will protect your rights and freedom.

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