Charged with Robbery in Westchester County?

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Under New York law, all robberies are classified as felonies. New York prosecution takes robbery cases seriously because of the violent nature of the crime. When one is charged with robbery it is important to have our firm's Westchester County criminal defense attorney defend the case as soon as possible.

Whether you are charged for robbery or a loved one has been arrested based on allegations of robbery, you need to take immediate action and contact our firm at once. During your initial and complimentary evaluation, we can help you build a solid defense using the facts of your case.

Classes of Robbery in New York State

Robbery under Penal Law section 160.00 is defined as forcible stealing. A person forcibly steals property and commits robbery when in the course of committing a larceny uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force.

Robbery in the third degree is a class "D" felony and is charged when a person forcibly steals property.

Robbery in the second degree is a class "C" felony and includes forcibly stealing property AND is aided by another, physical injury is caused, a firearm is displayed or carjacking takes place. Robbery in the second degree is usually the most common type of robbery charged.

Robbery in the first degree is a class "B" felony and included forcibly stealing property AND there is serious injury to the nonparticipant, use of a deadly weapon, uses or threatens to use a dangerous instrument, displays a firearm.

Defense of a Robbery Arrest in New York State

The defense of a robbery charge is very complex. Often there are multiple co-defendants and/or weapons used and/or various injuries. The steps in the defense process are as follows:

  1. Determine exactly what happened
  2. Investigate what statements any of the participants made to the police
  3. Challenge any identifications made of the accused

This is the foundation of the defense of any robbery charge in New York State.

Legal Consultation for a Robbery Charge

The most important aspect to the defense of a robbery case is to speak with your lawyer early and often. An accused will need to speak with their criminal defense attorney on several occasions until a legal defense strategy can be determined. Lawyer contact is very important. Call today for your free case evaluation.

Punishment for a Robbery Conviction

There is a wide range of sentences for a person charged with robbery but because all robbery charges are felonies, State prison can be a consequence. The best criminal defense attorneys will clearly explain the various sentences which may or may not include State prison.

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