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If you have been charged with a speeding ticket, no matter what the speed, it is essential to have a speeding ticket lawyer represent you in court. It is never advisable to plead guilty to any speeding ticket charge or appear in court without a lawyer.

Why a Guilty Plea is a Bad Idea

Traffic tickets are written to encourage a motorist to fill in the back or side of the ticket with a guilty plea, mail the ticket in and pay a fine. This is easy for the police and the courts but will have a negative impact on your driver's license and insurance rates. In fact, in many instances additional fines or administrative fees will be issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you try to save time and money by just entering a guilty plea it can cause greater problems in the future and cost you more time and money. It is essential to have a lawyer dedicated to protecting your rights.

The DMV point system can be found here.

Why hire a speeding ticket attorney from Riebling, Proto & Sachs?

Our attorneys are experienced speeding ticket and traffic lawyers. We regularly appear in court and understand the dynamic between the public, police and the courts. We know the various legal arguments and case law to have a traffic tickets dismissed. Also, if a plea bargain is entered into an attorney can usually negotiate a better deal with fewer points assessed against your license and a lower fine.

Each court treats speeding tickets differently. Some are handled by town prosecutors and others are handled by the police officer's directly. We know how to respond to the prosecutor's arguments and the arguments from police officers to make a positive impression with the judge on your behalf.

What is our speeding ticket defense strategy?

  1. We gather information from you about your case's unique facts and circumstances.
  2. We review the documentation from the police and the courts.
  3. We tell the Court that you are NOT GULITY.
  4. We assess the case and determine if it is necessary to file motions or demand discovery.
  5. We appear at all court dates to properly defend your case before the judge.
  6. Using our experience we determine if a plea bargain or trial is appropriate.

What is important for you to know?

You will not need to appear in court. We can arrange for your appearance to be excused. Our lawyers understand you may live a great distance from the court, are busy with work, school or life in general and taking valuable time off to appear in court is difficult.

Our Legal Fees and Promise to You. As outlined on our Traffic Violations Overview page, we are committed to our clients and provide you with a reasonable flat rate with a money back promise.

Our Goals

Our goal is to protect your driver's license and insurance rates. The State of New York and the Department of Motor Vehicles is always looking to collect fines and surcharges. Our experienced attorneys always aggressively defend every speeding ticket our office handles.

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