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What to Do if You are Charged with a DWI

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Selecting a Westchester County DWI Lawyer

DWI in New York State is a very serious criminal charge. It is a complex area of the law that is always changing with new laws, DMV administrative rules, driver's license suspension, fines, state surcharges and other penalties. A DWI charge can also impact personal employment and automobile insurance rates.

You must hire a top DWI lawyer to help you through this process, answer your questions and provide an aggressive defense.

Many lawyers claim to have special relationships with the police, DA or Judge and that they can do something special behind the scenes to "get you off". Beware of sales pitches!

What you need is a DWI lawyer that is knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced. Unfortunately, due to the poor economy many lawyers have transferred into DWI law lacking the knowledge and experience to handle a DWI charge but if you follow the below suggestions you will find the best DWI lawyer for you and your case.

What to look for in a DWI lawyer?

When you first speak to the lawyer do they take the time to discuss your case? You can tell a lot about a DWI lawyer as a professional and a person if they just take time to discuss your case even before you hire the lawyer.

Is the lawyer passionate about your case?

You want a lawyer who will do everything in their power to aggressively defend your DWI charge. If you think that the lawyer considers you just a number is just "going through the motions to close your case". You should pause and rethink your legal defense.

Hire a Law Firm or a Solo Practitioner?

A solo practitioner can easily run into problems if the solo lawyer is sick, has an emergency, goes on vacation or is consumed with a trial or other legal matters. By contrast, at a law firm there are multiple lawyers available to answer your questions, analyze your case from different legal perspectives and law firms have greater resources to assist in the defense of your case.

What do DWI lawyers charge?

The fee to defend a DWI charge depends on the complexity of the case and most lawyers charge a flat rate for their services.

Understand that the cheapest lawyer is not always the best lawyer. You may be able to find a lawyer to take your case for $1,000.00 but you would most likely have to give up quality legal representation. Above all the fee should be reasonable.

Determining legal fees can be complex but your agreement with your lawyer regarding the fee should not. The lawyer should clearly explain the fees and you should always walk away with a written agreement.

Is your lawyer experienced in DWI law?

Ask your lawyer how long they have been practicing DWI law, what they do to stay current on the law and what is their success rate. You lawyer should also be experienced with the local courts and be familiar with the local prosecutors and judges.

Importantly and often over overlooked is how experienced your attorney is in dealing with the collateral consequences of a DWI arrest and conviction. For example, how an arrest or conviction will impact a professional license such as a teacher's license or financial license (ie. Series 7 or FINRA Reporting).

What's the bottom Line?

When choosing a DWI lawyer trust your gut instincts!

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