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  • Arrests and Chain of Custody of Evidence
    Arrests and Chain of Custody of Evidence

    Chain of Custody In a prosecution for a drug related offense the People must prove at trial that the chain of custody has not been broken in that the evidence (drugs) has not been tampered with and ...

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  • DWI Checkpoints & New York DWI Laws
    DWI Checkpoints & New York DWI Laws

    The DWI Checkpoint or Sobriety Checkpoint or Roadblock In DWI cases in New York or Westchester County, Putnam County, Rockland County, or Orange County the New York DWI laws and District Attorney ...

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  • Search and Seizure
    Search and Seizure

    The Second Department in People v O'Hare, 73 AD3d 813 reviewed the basis for stopping and automobile and probable cause for arrest. In O'Hare a police officer stopped the defendant's vehicle upon ...

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  • Prior DWI Convictions
    Prior DWI Convictions

    DWI Defense in New York - Prior Out of State Convictions One of the consequences of a DWI Misdemeanor conviction is that a second DWI arrest within ten years will be treated as a felony in New York. ...

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