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Welcome to Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP. At our firm, we represent the residents of New York City in a variety of legal matters pertaining to criminal defense, as well as traffic violations. Our stellar legal team is made up of four attorneys, three of which are former Assistant District Attorneys. In addition, our attorneys have authored several books on criminal and DUI defense that have made the National Bestseller's List!

What's more, our lawyers have more than 65 years of collective experience to offer you in your legal matter. Should you need assistance with one of these areas of law, we strongly urge you to contact our firm to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our New York City lawyers. This free initial consultation enables you to gain insight and direction into your legal matter without any financial obligation on your part. Call (914) 840-5104 today.

Aggressive Defense Against New York City Prosecution

When selecting a criminal lawyer to represent you, you simply cannot go wrong with a former Assistant District Attorney who has prosecuted criminal cases. We know that our insight into the criminal justice system is valuable, and so are the important relationships we've built with local-area prosecutors and judges alike. Sometimes when it comes to negotiating a plea bargain in a drug crime or a homicide case, you attorney's rapport with the prosecutor can make all the difference.

We handle a wide range of misdemeanor and felony matters on both the state and federal levels. While the vast majority of crimes are criminalized under state laws, some crimes are criminalized under federal legislation of the U.S. Code, in these cases federal charges can result in decades in a federal prison and millions of dollars in fines. Whether you are facing charges for any of the following, we can provide you with superior legal representation regardless of the nature of your charges:

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We are also members of the criminal court and family court assigned counsel programs. In this capacity the courts regularly call upon us to represent indigent individuals who cannot afford quality legal representation. We are strong believers in our community members and we make sure these peoples' stories are heard loud and clear before prosecutors, judges and juries alike.

If you are facing a legal issue in regards to criminal charges, family law or a traffic violation, we urge you to contact a New York City attorney from our firm. We truly care for our clients and their families and we always strive to provide the best representation available. For our clients' convenience, we provide flexible meeting times by appointment. We understand how hectic peoples' schedules get and we want to do everything possible to make things as easy and streamlined for our clients.

Crime in New York City

When it comes to crimes of violence, New York City is ranked above the United States’ average. Residents of New York City are frequently made aware of the dangers associated with living in the city and the police department does what it can to keep them safe from crime. Because of this, prosecution is often very tough when it comes to those who are arrested under allegation of a criminal offense. If you are charged with any type of crime in New York City, immediately cling to the help offered at Riebling, Proto & Sachs, LLP.

The Criminal Court of the City of New York will handle the criminal case against you. They hear cases involving misdemeanors and preliminary hearings in felony cases. Below is the contact information for the court:

Phone: (646) 386-4500

Administrative Judge: Hon. Melissa C. Jackson

Deputy Administrative Judge: Hon. Alexander B. Jeong

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